Bronze Beauty Butter


Bronze Beauty Butter is an all natural, organic, edible, and melanin-rich super food body butter for protecting and nourishing the front line of your health and beauty: your skin!

Some uses: Supplement SPF naturally and protect skin from wide range UV / EMF exposure and the harmful effects of chemicals (such as sunscreens and hand sanitizers), hydrate and lock in moisture, aid healing and detoxification, shaving butter. (Not intended as a primary SPF).

4 oz jar – Concentrated – a little goes a long way! Wet skin before / after application to desired effect.

Note: Bronze Beauty Butter will not substantially darken or tint skin tone beyond a mild temporary tanning effect for those with especially lighter skin.  The visual effect of BBB is nearly all alchemized into a protective golden glow as it is easily absorbed into skin and applied in a very thin layer.


An Organic Melanin Supplement - for Your Skin!

Have you ever wondered why lighter colored skin visibly ages so much faster than darker skin? 

The reason "black don't crack": melanin.  

Melanin is the natural pigment in skin, hair, and eyes that gives us each our unique appearance. But it's actually much more than just a pigment of profound physical beauty.

Melanin has many natural and amazing "fountain of youth" qualities, including causing darker skin to age significantly slower than lighter low-melanin skin. But that’s only the beginning... 

Melanin has real superpowers!!!

Melanin, a primary component of Bronze Beauty Butter has real super powers

Melanin is Nature's first know organic semiconductor - even able to transmute ionizing radiation into usable energy - among other superpowers...

Melanin has been scientifically discovered to:

  • Be radioprotective and radiotrophic (“radiation eating”) - able to covert natural and artificial EMF pollution, UV rays, and even ionizing radiation into metabolic energy 1
  • Chelate toxins 1
  • Protect DNA 1
  • Support fertility 1.1
  • Be the first known organic semiconductor 1
  • Support many metabolic processes 1.1
  • Support cognitive function and help prevent serious neurological disorders 1.1 

Bronze Beauty Butter Harnesses the Power of Melanin from Chaga Mushroom

Nature's most potent source of melanin is chaga mushroom... and it's no coincidence chaga also happens to have one of the highest antioxidant values of any food.

Bronze Beauty Butter harnesses the power of Chaga mushroon - a true "Gift from God"

Raw chaga mushroom chunks - Nature's most potent source of melanin and loaded with antioxidants.

Chaga has been used for thousands of years by people all over the world, earning such titles as: “The Gift from God,” “The King of Plants,” “The Diamond of the Forest," and "The Mushroom of Immortality.” 1

These titles make perfect sense given recent discoveries of the benefits of chaga. 

But prior to Bronze Beauty Butter there was no effective and organic way to get chaga's melanin and other benefits directly into your skin...

Sacred Source decided to change that.

Now You Can Naturally Increase Your Melanin - Without Damaging your Skin!

Skin increases its melanin content in response to UV exposure, but such exposure inherently damages skin - and all living cells.  And the damage can be permanent and even life threatening! 

We reasoned there had to be a way to harness Nature's melanin-rich "Gift from God" to protect skin.

Our research led us to develop our proprietary Tri-traction™ triple-extraction process to infuse the many benefits of melanin and chaga into an all organic and edible body butter.

The result: Bronze Beauty Butter.

While Bronze Beauty Butter is entirely edible (and quite tasty), it's designed for topical use to supplement the power of melanin, and other natural wonders, directly into the front line of your health and beauty: your skin!

Naturally Adapts to All Skin Tones

For those with more endogenous (body produced) melanin, Butter's bronze-hue will not visibly darken skin. Instead, it alchemizes natural and artificial threats into a remarkable golden glow, while skin pigmentation is naturally evened and smoothed.

Darker skin benefits from melanin supplimentation with Bronze Beauty Butter

Supplementing melanin and SPF with BBB helps shield darker skin from cellular damage and further darkening from UV exposure (tanning).  

Lighter skin benefits from melanin supplimentation with Bronze Beauty Butter

Meanwhile, for those with lighter skin, BBB tends to impart a mild (temporary) tanning effect.  As with darker skin, it alchemizes natural and artificial threats into an healthy golden glow as it evens and smooths pigmentation.

Bronze Beauty Butter's SPF and tan-enhancing properties allow comparatively longer UV exposure to occur without the corresponding skin damage.

Bronze Beauty Butter Ingredients - all organic, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, filler-free,  and edible:

  • Tri-tracted™ Chaga Glycerite
  • Raw Mango Butter
  • Raw Heirloom Cacao Butter
  • Raw Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Cold-pressed Carrot Seed Oil
  • Cold-pressed Virgin Black Seed Oil
  • Cold-pressed Red Raspberry Seed Oil

Superlative Synergistic Benefits

The overall benefit of Bronze Beauty Butter's ingredients, coupled with Sacred Source practices, simply cannot be qualified with words or quantified with numbers.

Many products can claim beneficial "natural" ingredients, however those benefits are severely limited and even negated due to: low concentration, non-organic sources, and combination with artificial harmful ingredients (e.g. preservatives).

In contrast, the amazing benefits of the individual ingredients in Bronze Beauty Butter are synergistically amplified by being wholly free of junk and harmoniously blended with wholistic healing intent.

Harmony with nature is the embodiment of helath and beauty and a FOunding principle of Sacred Source

Harmony with Nature is the embodiment of beauty, and a founding principle of Sacred Source.

For all skin tones, types, and environmental conditions, BBB has a long list of individual benefits.

Melanin / Chaga Mushroom Benefits
  • Radioprotective ( protection from wide range EMF, UV radiation) 1 
  • DNA Protection 1
  • Toxin chelation 1
  • Radiotrophic (“radiation eating”) 1
  • Potential to convert sunlight into metabolic energy 1
  • Potential to convert ionizing radiation into metabolic energy 1
  • First known organic semiconductor 1
  • Boosts fertility 1.1
  • Supports many metabolic processes 1.1
  • Supports cognitive function, helps prevent serious neurological disorders 1.1
  • Potent antioxidant 2
  • Prevents and treats cancer 2
  • Potent anti-viral 2
  • Boosts immune system 2
  • Reduces inflammation 2
  • Improves physical endurance 2
Glycerin Benefits
  • Improves skin barrier function 3
  • Protection from skin irritants 3
  • May improve wound-healing processes 3
  • Smooths and evens tone 3
  • Super hydrating 3
Raw Mango Butter Benefits
  • Softens, moisturizes and protects skin 4
  • Treats dermatitis, sunburn, eczema 4
  • Aides wound healing, and helps protect against infection 4
  • Helps prevent pre-mature aging 4
  • Strengthens immune system and lowers risk of chronic diseases 4
  • Helps reduce inflammation caused by psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea, among other common conditions 4
  • High in vitamin C and other antioxidants for neutralizing free-radicals and reducing wrinkles, age spots, and blemishes 4  
  • Improves skin elasticity 4
Raw Heirloom Cacao Butter Benefits
  • Reduces photo-aging 5
  • Improves elasticity and tone 5
  • Increases collagen retention and production 5
  • Potent antioxidant 5
  • Hydrates and prevents dryness and peeling 5
  • Heirloom cacao sources are ancient shade-grown varieties as opposed to more profitable hybridized varieties that are grow on full-sun plantations created by clearing rain forests - as with the vast majority of cacao (know your source!)
Raw Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits
  • Anti-microbial 6
  • Potent antioxidant 6
  • Reduces blemishes, infections, and body odor 6
  • Enhances skin barrier function 6
  • Reduces inflammation 6
  • Treats eczema and psoriasis 6
  • Hydrates, moisturizes, soothes 6
Cold-Pressed Carrot Seed Oil Benefits
  • Potent antioxidant 7
  • High in vitamin A and carotene 7
  • Antiseptic 7
  • Disinfects 7
  • Rejuvenates, promotes healthy new cell growth 7
  • Evens skin tone / blemishes 7
  • Natural SPF (exact value unknown, not for use as primary SPF) 7
Cold-Pressed Virgin Black Seed Oil benefits
  • Reduces inflammation 8
  • Potent anti-oxidant 8
  • Lubricates joints 8
  • Boosts immune system 8
  • Anti-cancer potential 8
  • Treats bacterial infections 8
  • Prevents environmental stress 8
  • Stimulates growth of healthy new cells 8
  • Reduces appearance of blemishes and wrinkles 8
  • Locks in moisture 8
Cold-Pressed Red Raspberry Seed Oil Benefits
  • Potent antioxidant 9
  • Natural SPF (exact value unknown, not for use as primary SPF) 9
  • High in Vitamin E 9
  • Reduces inflammation 9
  • High in essential fatty acids 9
  • High in phytosterols (regenerative) 9
  • Hydrates 9
If you wouldn't eat it, why put it on your skin?!

Concentrated for Optimal and Adaptive Effect

Bronze Beauty Butter is ideally concentrated to allow personalized protection and optimal value, effect, and wholistic quality for all*.   

High glycerin concentration in Bronze Beauty Butter begs to pull more water into your skin

Bronze beauty Butter's high glycerin (USP / Food Grade) content allows you to lock ample moisture into your skin simply by re-wetting with pure water after application.

Glycerin actively pulls external moisture into your skin, and Bronze Beauty Butter’s high concentration allows additional skin hydration to be achieved simply by re-wetting as desired.   

Your skin and body's natural water content is around 70%.  As a result, ample water intake is second only to oxygen among nutrients required for your over-all health.

Water and melanin are the primary protectors of your skin and Bronze Beauty Butter gives you control over both

Melanin and water are the primary protectors of your skin and BBB gives you personalized control over both.

A primary problem for your skin is that it's at the very end of the line of the water you drink - yet the front line of your health and beauty.  

As a result, topically hydrating your skin is highly effective. But products that contain water require harmful preservatives to prevent harboring pathogens.  

So instead of loading Bronze Beauty Butter down with water (and preservatives), we opted to maximize value and effect, by letting you personalize your hydration by just adding water as desired.

The result is a powerfully protective self-care experience that's immediately pleasing to the senses, while it leaves you with a lasting golden glow that's hard not to notice! 













* - Potent antioxidant and immune-boosting ingredients in Bronze Beauty Butter are not generally recommended for women whom are pregnant or nursing, or those suffering from severe auto-immune disease.  Please consult your trusted health care professional before using.  

These statements and this product have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.