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Bronze Beauty Butter is the Sacred Source flagship product embodying our foundational principles of natural law, and a new generation of self-care products focused on bringing human bodies back into harmony with Nature.
Sacred Source is the home of Bronze Beauty Butter
The Epic Beauty blog is the home of Sacred Source musings on the wholistic Nature of beauty in its infinitude within and beyond the physical.  

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Nature Abides

Justice is the embodiment of our founding principles of natural law

Justice - the original bronze beauty - and the embodiment of Sacred Source's founding principles of natural law.

Embodying the Next Generation of Self-Care Products

The next generation of self-care products requires evolving back to a state of harmony with Nature.  

What many forget is that Nature extends well beyond the physical, into the vast and subtle energetic realms.  Oddy, such foundational realms are regarded as "supernatural" simply because they are unseen.  

Yet real change starts with the unseen, in harmonizing principles and practices with Nature such that everyone benefits - including the environment. 

Accordingly, our embodiment of the next generation of self-care products includes:

  • Truly all natural, organic, and edible 
  • Super food and plant-based
  • Ethically-sourced ingredients
  • Fair-Trade ingredients (when available)
  • Junk-and-filler-free, and concentrated to minimize packaging and maximize effectiveness

A Natural Law Approach to Self-Care

Natural Law, in a nut-shell, comes down to The Golden Rule. (We expound on this thoroughly in the Epic Beauty blog)  

It may sound simple, but simple does not mean easy. Putting it into practice in a wholistic manner is actually quite challenging and rare.

Most companies will claim their products are "natural."  Just as most people will claim to abide by The Golden Rule.  But it takes truly wholistic perspective to see how one affects others and their environment.

Accordingly, we formulated Bronze Beauty Butter to be a product we would use our selves - even given our extreme standards.

Sacred Source standards are embodied in Bronze Beauty Butter by its unique synergy of:

  • All organic edible ingredients
  • Top quality, ethically-sourced super foods
  • Raw ingredients and minimal processing
  • Optimized consumer benefit and value (instead of company profit)
  • Wholistic healing intent

The Necessity of Evolution

Unfortunately, even among health and beauty products with "organic" ingredients, the status quo has become toxic and misleading.

What determines a truly wholistic product is not just a matter of having a few good ingredients to highlight -  it is increasingly a matter of what it doesn't have.

Any product can be labelled "natural," "w/holistic," and even "organic" for containing one such ingredient - despite also having harmful chemical ingredients and processing.

Such practice of "green washing" is wholly disingenuous, yet also standard practice in nearly every industry. 

"Green washing" is the status quo

"Green washing" is rampant in every industy, and so educating ourseles about ingredients and consciously "voting with our dollar" is crucial to truly knowing what we support - and what we put into our bodies.

Words have lost their meaning in these times of media and marketing manipulation.  So instead, we focus on aligning our actions with wholistic principles, and leading by example to bring you the clearest perspective and best products we can.

Creating a next generation product requires a return to Nature and evolved priorities.

Sacred Source Embodies Evolved Self Care

Defining evolved self-care

Beyond its wholistically top-shelf ingredients, the next generation of health and beauty products is especially exemplified by Bronze Beauty Butter in its high concentration of Tri-tracted™ Chaga Glycerite - its number one ingredient. 

We chose to make BBB concentrated (by being water and filler-free) to maximize value, effectiveness, and adaptability to all environmental conditions and skin types.

While its high concentration does lower our profit compared to a watered-down version, it allows the ability to choose your own level of hydration and protective effect by simply wetting your skin with use.  

Glycerin offers many benefits to your skin, but products containing it nearly always contain large percentages of water to thin them out (and require frequent application).

But do you really want to pay the equivalent of hundreds of dollars per gallon for water in the products you buy?

It's time we all do what we can to support evolved practices... and voting with our dollar is the best way to get businesses to act accordingly.    

Sacred Source products are made in Vermont with love!

Made in Vermont with love!

Sacred Source products are lovingly made in small batches in Vermont, USA.

It All Starts with Awareness

While you may look at the ingredients in the products you consume, many people still do not, and very few know what the ingredients actually are, or what the consequences of their use are.

For example, water in skin-care products is not only the cheapest filler there is, it also requires preservatives to extend shelf-life and prevent it from harboring of pathogens.  

What product manufacturers will not tell you, and few realize, is that preservatives are inherently toxic to you and your skin's ecology known as the microbiome.  

Our bodies are living ecosystems of mostly beneficial cells.  But chemicals decimate our microbial allies and disrupt our body's natural processes, which in turn actually promotes pathogens.  

Moreover, this happens not only on our bodies, but also in the environment that has to deal with the effects of chemical production and end use.

There are a few artificial preservative manufacturers which have coerced "organic" certifications from regulators, but a closer look reveals them to be far from natural or safe for your microbiome.  

Artificial beauty can look nice, but the hidden costs are toxic

Superficial beauty can be faked by artificial means, but the cost is inevitable harmful effects which compound over time.

Regardless of misleading product labeling, preservatives and other artificial ingredients devastate the natural ecology of your skin which inherently protects you from harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other ubiquitous threats. 

One current green washing trend in the health and beauty industry is to include token superfoods in products.  While it is better to have some than none, their effect tends to be extremely limited - or even negated. 

This is because such products typically contain very low concentrations of their highlighted natural ingredients, and they incorporate them with artificial ingredients which really have no benefit to anyone's health. 

As a result, the long-term effects of artificial (toxic) ingredients burden and disrupt the immune system and natural beauty of all who use them.

A Company and Product Harmonized with Nature

At Sacred Source we simply do things differently.  

Harmony with nature is the embodiment of helath and beauty and a FOunding principle of Sacred Source

Harmony with Nature is the embodiment of beauty.

The features and ingredients of Bronze Beauty Butter put it in a league of its own.  They are in harmony with Nature and the practices of our shared universal Sacred Source, by design.

Choosing products that truly support your natural health and beauty changes everything...

To learn more about the many benefits of Bronze Beauty Butter please click here or the link below.  

To explore more of Sacred Source's founding principles, philosophy, and musings please visit the Epic Beauty blog.  

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